Upper Class Estates has extensive knowledge of HMO property administration. For the past 15 years, we have licenced and managed HMO properties ranging from small flats to large houses in different areas of London and in various councils. We have made a large effort to find the most effective layout for each individual property to obtain the best possible return in rental income while also following the HMO council rules requirements. We also have large experience over the years of renting units to the best possible types of tenants who we know will adapt well to a shared accommodation environment. We have assisted some of our landlords by managing the entire application process from beginning to end and ensuring the best return on their investments, or simply taking over the management of a current licenced property and improving the service quality and profitability.

We can look after the whole process for our landlords:

  • Inspect and evaluate your property.
  • Find the most effective building layout for high income with a detailed report.
  • Produce floor plans.
  • Submit the application for the HMO licence.
  • Use our own builders to meet all Council requirements while keeping construction costs low.
  • Liaison with the council and tenants until the licence is granted
  • HMO management and standardisation after receiving the licence

When an application is submitted and a property is already rented, which means that required work needs to be done around the tenants, our experienced in-house maintenance team and also our dependable contractors have vast experience in completing the tasks with minimal disruption to tenants. Our aim is to improve the property, increase tenant satisfaction, give our landlords peace of mind, and abstain from higher possible property yields.

Our HMO management can assess your property and advise you on the best ways to maximise your income while also adhering to all HMO conditions. Our team has extensive knowledge of building work and understands the practical issues involved in making any changes to the property, all of which we will carefully consider before making any recommendations. We have a large number of HMOs that we have licenced and currently manage, and we are confident that one of them is similar to yours, which we will use as an example to walk you through the process in terms of costs and returns.

Remember that if you rent to more than three tenants who form more than one household, you have a legal obligation to keep the property up to the standards set by your local authority.

We have a large portfolio of landlords who can speak highly of our services and knowledge. Please give us a call to discuss it further.