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Guaranteed Rent Specialist with unique complete free headache package for landlords

Rent guaranteed- independent of whether the property is occupied or empty

Free property management- We monitor landlord’s obligation such as renews of gas certificate, electrical report, any council licences if there a need, EPC or any other future regulation requirement.

We furnish your property- We buy, delivery and assemble them on our own costs

Rent start immediately- We can start paying rent to landlords in advance as soon we get keys

Free gas certificate electrical report, EPC and property licences- We pay for all property certificates and licences.

No Letting Fees- We will find a best possible tenant for your property as we are on our major UK online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket and also do extensive social media marketing without charging landlords letting fees

Maintenance free- We cover all the property maintenance costs, labour and materials for our landlord and keep redecorating the property in order to keep it in the same or better condition than when we took it.

Plenty of references- we can provide references from a large number of landlords. We have offered this service, in some cases, for more than 15 years.

Then, if you, as a landlord, want a consistent monthly rental income without the hassles of owning and managing a property, this is the service for you. As summarised, we are experts in providing Guaranteed Rent,also known as Rent to Rent.Upper Class Estates guarantees a monthly income on time, every month, even if the property is vacant; we assume the risk.

Our Guaranteed Rent Service provides you with: a monthly rental income that is guaranteed to be received on time.

  • Even if the property is empty, you will still be paid.
  • Even if the rent is not paid on time or at all, you will be paid on time.
  • No setup fees, monthly commissions, or hidden costs.
  • We will handle all queries, questions, and complaints from tenants.
  • You get a set start date and don't have to worry about how long the property is vacant.
  • We will cover the court costs and the eviction process if necessary.
  • We will conduct regular property inspections and manage maintenance.
  • Lange number of landlords who have received rent guaranteed from us for the last 15 years or more, even during the 2008 recession and pandemic period, to provide references.

We effectively become your tenant, ensuring you a consistent rental income. We then sublet your property, taking care to select the right tenants and managing the property on your behalf throughout the tenancy.

We believe we are the best option for guaranteed rent on the market. We are challenging you to please let us know if you know anyone who can offer a better or more complete package than us